When I first got into broadcasting it was during a time when being on the air carried a certain euphoria, even if you started at a very small station. Rising through the ranks to the big time was such a great trip for me.

I’ve spent 99.9% of my career on AM or FM and was fortunate to have my share of success in a large city, however, it was when I got a taste of digital broadcasting and saw its reach and freedom, that I quickly developed a new audio addiction.

My enthusiasm for what I do is still as strong as when I first started. I have always been intrigued by great inventions and that is why I’m excited to join the revolution in how to broadcast with this wizardry. Let’s be honest, the mobile phone has sucked up all past devices into one wafer thin piece of machinery. More and more cars are making it easy to access any audio off those phones. We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto, but hell even if you are, you can find out what’s going on around the globe with just the tap of a button.

I admit, I’m a late bloomer on a lot of things but once I commit, it is pedal to the metal and if you want to run in place I am not your guy. Case in point, my smart phone…. before that, I was using what is commonly called a burner just because. Now the smart phone is like my third hand. That’s why doing what I do on the internet offers a new set of challenges and excitement that I thrive on.

This show will offer my take on the latest news as well as interviews with people I find interesting and think you might as well. So I’m hoping you will join me with this new elixir. I welcome your input as always and look forward to sharing my take on the world with you, via 21st century machinery. It just keeps getting better.

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