Double down, on double B

February 14th, 2017

I’m gonna throw a name at you. This guy is the best person to lead our military and finally defeat Al Qaeda, Isis, Isil, Dash or what have you. His name is Bill Belichick. C’mon you know he’s the guy. He always appears angry but nothing seems to bother him and look at his track record- he wins a lot. It’s now 16 years that we’ve been dealing with these terrorists and I think we all agree it’s time to wrap it up. Double B brings somethin’ somethin’ that I don’t think multi-star generals possess. He can somehow psyche out the opposition. Just look at what he did in the last two Super Bowls the Patriots were in, their opponents were minutes away from probably winning, but Bill did some kind of mind screw where the Seahawks and Falcons made absolutely asinine plays to flush away almost certain victory. The Seahawks were on the one-yard line, 3 feet, just hand it to a 6-foot tall player and have him fall forward! And Bill did the same thing to the Falcons, he somehow can get in the opponents’ heads and make them crash and burn. Bill Belichick will bring whatever that is and crush those terrorist ditchrats I’d say within 3 weeks. He has 7 Super Bowl rings and 3 hoodies. By the time he is done with Isis they will be killing themselves, chopping their own heads off and driving those pick up trucks with guns on the back off of cliffs. Who better to get us out of this freakin’ mess than a Patriot?   Think about it, who do you know who can pull a championship out of what looks like certain defeat? This is the year of putting people in charge of things with no previous experience so the atmosphere is right and Mr. Bill is not busy right now, so please give this guy a shot at wrapping up this money and carnage pit so we don’t flip into year 17. Double down, on double B. You smell that? That smell is victory or Bill’s Old Spice.

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