Future list for Dancing With The Stars

October 20th, 2016

Here’s a list of people I’d like to see on future episodes of Dancing With The Stars.

  • Chewbacca mom (with mask)
  • Pee-wee Herman
  • Tom Brokaw
  • Honey Boo Boo’s mother
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Gordon Ramsey
  • Burke Ramsey
  • John Hinckley
  • Rip Taylor
  • Mario Andretti
  • Richard Simmons
  • Caitlyn Jenner
  • Anthony Weiner
  • Fran Lebowitz
  • Tanya Harding
  • Chris Christie
  • Octomom
  • Kenneth Bone
  • Sully
  • Oscar Pistorius
  • Kato Kaelin
  • Barkhad Abdi (“Look at me, I am the captain and dancer now!”)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Danica Patrick
  • Tiffany Trump
  • Bob Dylan
  • Broc Brown (World’s Tallest Teenager at 7 ft. 8 in. and growing 6 inches a year.)
  • Wahida Mohamed Al-Jumaily (Iraqi grandmother who leads a militia that beheads Isis members. Let Len Goodman try to give her a score below 7!)
  • Flo (from Progressive Insurance commercials.)
  • Andrea from Orlando (Put on 100 pieces of clothing as a challenge and couldn’t get them off. She must perform wearing 100 pieces.)
  • …..and whoever loses the Presidential bid


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