Game of Hurricanes

September 4th, 2019
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I think what we’re seeing is a new reality show..Game of Hurricanes.  There is always a lot of theater surrounding hurricanes and Dorian is no exception.  Of course none of us enjoy seeing the death and destruction left behind by category 5 D but the ancillary stories can be quite interesting.  I saw a reporter talking to a guy in Florida whose house was flooded out by the last hurricane, was it Irma, Bobbie, Laverne, I don’t know but he lost everything.  He proceeds to show the reporter how he prepared for Dorian but all he did was wrap the bottom of his house with large trash bags and push some lawn chairs up against them.  Now I don’t know if this was a joke but it sure looked like it.  He might want to check his flood insurance policy just to make sure it’s up to snuff because snuff is what Dorian could do to his garbage bag barrier in about 2 seconds.  I also saw people interviewed in Florida over the Labor Day weekend and they said they were “bored” waiting for the hurricane and experiencing the tropical version of “cabin fever” as if to say “I paid for a category 5 hurricane so I better see one.”  It reminded me of the Game of Thrones finale where a bunch of people with torches were lined up and looking out into the dark horizon for the people who were going to attack them and nothing happened for a long time, and then when it did it was too dark to tell who was who.  Anywho. These are the people who usually refuse to evacuate when told to do so.  I understand some people have nowhere to evacuate to or are concerned about looters.  That’s why I will continue to work on my idea of designing a house made entirely out of sandbags for people in hurricane and flood zones.  In the meantime I think Chris Harrison should host the show Game of Hurricanes and every night come on and update us on what category the hurricane is now and not who will be sent home but who will probably lose their home.  “Dorian, take a moment and then decide which path of destruction you will take.”
Gunga, galunga,

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