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April 4th, 2016

Now that I’m 3 weeks into this new venture I have to say I’m very happy with how things are progressing so far and your response has been most humbling and welcome. As you may have heard several shows have come to you from the studios of Big Shoulders in the Johnny Hancock building in Chicago.   Coincidentally their facility is in the exact space once occupied by WLUP-FM in the 70’s into the 90’s.   It’s the same door I walked into in 1977 to do my all night show on The Loop as it is called. Life is weird that way sometimes. As I’ve mentioned over the first 3 weeks of shows I will constantly be tweaking and adding things as I explore different rhythms for the program. Sometimes to know what works and what doesn’t can only be accomplished by actually doing it, to experience the sturm and drang of it all to see what fits.

This past week I was happy to announce the addition of the Garry Meier apps. On Android devices you can download it in the Google Play Store and Apple users can go through the Apple Store. I hope that makes it even easier to listen to the show. It should also make it easier for the Premium Content Members. Some programming notes…. Monday’s show will include a conversation with Kelly Leonard, creative director with Second City Theatricals and co-author of the book, Yes, And.

On the premium content show on Tuesday, Carl from Plover, Wisconsin returns. For those of you who listened to my previous show you may remember Carl’s Wisconsin reports…..yes he still operates the worm farm. This week, you may also hear the inclusion of phone calls to the program. I will be experimenting with the process and will let you know how you can possibly participate in that.

I am reading all of the emails that come in and will always be reading more and more of those on the Garrforce Radio Network. If you’d like a particular city mentioned at the beginning of the yapfest, please send it along. On Saturday I did my 10 mile walk to get my haircut because didn’t you always enjoy those stories your parents or grandparents would tell you about walking 10 miles to school everyday? I didn’t buy it either and I only do this about every 6 weeks but the point is when I walked into the barbershop the front of me was covered from head to torso in snow. It looked like I had just gone through the suds phase at a car wash because of the wind/snow combo on April 2nd, and that my friends is spring in Chicago!   Let me leave you with FACT 101 from the book SCARED SH*TLESS 1003 facts that will scare the sh*t out of you: Pablo Picasso was so poor at times that he burned his own paintings for warmth.   See everybody goes through crap.   Until next time kiss your schnauzer for me.


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