Have you seen the movie Whiplash?

February 18th, 2016

Have you seen the movie Whiplash? I saw it on a plane and the final moment of the film is a musical crescendo that ended exactly as the plane’s wheels touched down at LaGuardia. It was a timing thing; the movie going to black and the tires hitting the runway gave me a chubby. Okay, and now I’ll try to connect the dots. In Whiplash, the J.K. Simmons character is an out of his mind instructor of a jazz ensemble in which the Miles Teller character wants to be the drummer, and it‘s loaded with rejection. I felt that rejection theme the other night when I heard Paul McCartney was turned away from a Grammys after-party. I thought about how he must’ve felt when the guy at the door said, “Sorry buddy.” I would imagine Paul hasn’t felt that in his gut since a record company told The Beatles to scram some 50 plus years ago. Hey, rejection is a part of life but sometimes it just knocks the wind out of you. Paul’s response was, “We need another hit.” And then I thought about another drummer….Pete Best. Fade to black.

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