Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way

September 19th, 2017

Remember when business titan Lee Iacocca gave us the credo: Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way.  So what the hell happened at Equifux, er I mean Equifax, no, Equifux it is.  The whole purpose of this company is to be the caretaker of personal and financial data, you know, like priests are the keeper of the moral compass, now what possibly could go wrong??  The company had a breach of its computer system in March but claims that breach is not related to the hack that sucked the vital info of 143 million U.S. consumers out the front door in late July which we all just heard about recently.  Oh it was two DIFFERENT breaches, well now we can all breathe easier.   How is it that a company that has been doing this for 118 years can f..k up this badly?!  Are they still using the original 100+ years locks on the doors. I know it’s all digital but sh.t they’d be better off using file cabinets with big padlocks and an all night security guard patrolling the grounds.  Maybe I’m naïve but shouldn’t some kind of warning light have come on at Equifux when 500 pieces of data are robbed, 1000? 10,000? 1 million?  When my car gets low on gas a warning lights up on the dash.   This is why we have smoke detectors to give us a chance to escape the flames.  Airplane cockpits have all kinds of indicators to warn pilots that something is going wrong; “pull up, pull up!” A lot of sump pumps have alarms when they stop working.  So it begs the question; Equifux what the f..k was going on to allow 143 million pieces of data to get hacked maybe through TWO BREACHES!  I like how they’re offering us help to get through this nightmare.  But wait, you’re the people who allowed this debacle to happen, why should we trust you to do the right thing now?  Reminds me of Sirhan Sirhan, the mope who killed Robert Kennedy?

When S squared was up for parole he said Robert Kennedy would have let him out of prison. But YOU KILLED HIM double S. Oops.  Hey Equifux you’ve only been doing this for 118 years I guess we can’t expect you to have all the kinks worked out yet.

Gunga, Gulunga,


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