Numb Is The New Normal

October 9th, 2017

Let me share a quote with you, “Some people like drag racing, some people like skiing and some people, like me, love full auto.” That was told to Ammoland by Jeremiah Cottle the inventor of the bump stock the device utilized by the Las Vegas ditchrat that maimed or killed almost 600 people. BTW I wish all the news outlets would refer to the shooter as ditchrat instead of posting his name and picture every time they do the story. I know he’s dead but you know the notoriety was part of his plan. Okay back to what Mr. Cottle said, some people love the thrill of an automatic weapon comparing it to the thrill of skiing and drag racing. However, if a race car or skier maimed or killed over 500 people at one time because of some device on the car or skis I would imagine it would be banned the next day. If you love “full auto” maybe you should join the military where you can even graduate to a bazooka or missile launcher but that’s a separate discussion, now on to ditchrat and what his possible motive could’ve been. WHO CARES? As if a motive will offer some clarity here. Oh he hated concerts, oh he hated cowboy hats, oh hated room service. What possible reason is going to make those people wounded or those who lost loved ones feel remotely better at this point? What we’re seeing now and in past years and up to October 1st and I’m sure in the years to come is what looks like some kind of mutant human. These so called humans that have unleashed hell on 9/11, at Sandy Hook, at Virginia Tech, the Orlando nightclub, etc. are certainly considered to be mentally ill but I think that’s an insult to mentally ill people. I think we are in an era of “people” I would call SUPER PSYCHO and they’re coming at us with more vengeance and destruction than we’ve ever witnessed. If I didn’t know any better, and I don’t, I would believe they are coming out of some Frankenstein type lab.

Yes almost 600 people were killed or wounded on the street of an American city IN TWELVE MINUTES! You don’t see those numbers out of Syria or Afghanistan. Oh here’s some comfort, because of demand Mr. Cottle’s company has run out of inventory of the bump stock since the Vegas atrocity. Numb is the new normal.


Garry Meier

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