It’s Time For Dual Presidents

August 28th, 2017

Okay it’s time to really think outside the box. The country is deeply divided, has been for years way before the 2016 run for the White House. There is no general consensus that these divisions will be healed anytime soon. In fact all indications are it’s going to get worse. Right now over two dozen names have popped up as possible candidates for the 2020 election and the list is expected to grow after next year’s midterm elections. As a bold experiment how about we elect 2 presidents in three years, one Democrat one Republican. USA and USA-ONE. Each would be in charge of the state he or she carried. Concerning issues that would affect multiple states that aren’t covered by one president they would be put up for a general vote and the majority wins. Something like The Wall would be in that category. Some of the names swirling around as possible candidates, Mark Cuban, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Zuckerberg so when I say think outside the box the box is pretty much ripped open. Think about it, dual presidents, it’s why airplanes have 2 engines, why planes have a pilot and co-pilot, why the Doobie Brothers had 2 drummers. BECAUSE 2 IS BETTER THAN ONE! See everybody gets a little something, something. If you don’t like the president that’s running your state move to a state run by the other president. We like choices that’s why we linger so long when choosing ice cream. Imagine if there was only vanilla. Now think about this and let’s get started on making it happen. As Butch said to Sundance, “deep down you know I’m right.” See, again, dos hombres. Just think in 3 years we could have “The Rock” and a Shark Tanker running the joint. LET’S MAKE AMERICA DOUBLE BARRELED AGAIN. Don’t forget you can leave me a message, thought, question or text at 773.888.2157.

Gunga Gulunga,


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