Time Travel

February 3rd, 2016

I generally don’t like to live in the past but I do wish we could time travel to be able to go back and fix some things. While time travel is not possible now or maybe ever, I do feel lately I am time traveling. Gas prices make me feel like it’s the late 90’s; Ted Cruz looks like Gomer Pyle smooshed into Mr. Haney so I think of the 60’s. Check out Mr. Cruz… I mean Mr. Haney talking about Medicare on YouTube…. Green Acres… priceless and timeless. And all of a sudden movies on the big and small screen have decided to rehash the past. O.J. Simpson and Bernie Madoff are getting the mini series treatment this week in case you’ve forgotten the deets of their crash and burn. And if you’re keeping score Bernie Madoff will be released from prison November 14, 2139. But more of the head scratcher is the movie coming out called “Eddie the Eagle” about the British skier who in 1988 became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping. Eddie came in dead last btw and enjoyed his 15 minutes, but it just seems a bit odd that almost 30 years later someone said, “Hey, we should do a movie above that British ski jumper with the coke bottle glasses.” I’ll go see that right after I catch that movie about the tight ropewalker between the World Trade Center towers on cable.


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