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The world is loaded with crap people doing crap things so when someone comes along doing something really great it’s important to highlight this person to shrink the image of the mopes out there. The person I want to highlight is only 12 years old. If you watched the State of the Union address you saw Preston Sharp introduced as someone making a difference in the world. When Mr. Sharp was 10 he visited his grandfather’s grave to place a flag and flower, his grandfather was in the Navy. While at the cemetery he noticed none of the other military graves had flags or flowers so he decided then and there to correct that. In the past two years Preston has placed 40,000 flags and flowers on veteran’s graves at six different cemeteries. While doing this he also says the veteran’s name out loud so they are not forgotten. His goal is to visit all fifty states with his flags and flowers campaign. Now this would be a remarkable effort and plan if it were carried out by an adult, the fact that a 12 year old has taken this up is extremely impressive. As if this isn’t enough Preston has adopted a dog that a Viet Nam vet had to give up when he moved into a veteran’s home close to where Mr. Sharp lives. The veteran’s former home was four hours from the facility where he moved to and because of Preston this vet can now continue to be near his dog. Initially Preston used his own money to buy the flags and flowers but to accomplish what he wants to do he obviously would need help so if you can contribute please go to PRESTONSHARP.NET. I have a name theory, the official term is nominative determinism, that certain names will forecast what a person does or what happens to him or her and certainly Preston’s last name would fit into that theory. I hope you can send some money to Preston and help him continue his most worthy campaign. Thank you Preston Sharp for making the world a better place. My father is a World War II veteran and I know he would be honored and moved by this young man’s spirit. You can here my full interview with Mr. Sharp on show #288.



As we’ve all witnessed over the past months there has been an explosion of revelations concerning sexual abuse, harassment, and/or inappropriate behavior that has toppled a number of powerful men. So I thought it a bit odd timing that on the very first day of 2018 ABC rolled out a new season of The Bachelor. […]

You ever go days, weeks, months where you’re discombobulated? Yeah that would be me the later part of 2017. I stopped using my bread machine, i wasn’t updating this blog enough, etc. Okay I think I’ve turned a corner and i’m ready to get back on track. At least I’m not the mope who pushed […]

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