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It’s great when things make sense right? When things don’t make sense I get thrown off for a while and have to reboot and wonder if in fact I’m missing something. This situation can manifest itself in something as benign as movie plots such as when I first watched Home Alone. I was willing to let a few moments go by that made absolutely no sense but when the pizza delivery guy heard machine gun fire that he thought was directed at him and didn’t run back to the pizza place and tell his superior who would’ve then alerted the police I thought, well he didn’t and everything after that was bogus as far as enjoying the movie for me. Now let’s dial up 30 plus years to January 6, 2021 and the attack on our Capitol Building. I assumed as you probably did that a building that houses our entire Congress must have security out the wazoo. What we witnessed on 1/06/21 was that it does NOT in fact have the type of security or system on alert that would prevent guys dressed like vikings from waltzing in and vandalizing said building or doing bodily harm to someone. I thought that a structure which houses the offices and people who do the people’s business, business that controls the ebb and flow of all of our lives would be tighter than tupperware as far as security. I thought before the assault that as soon as a window is broken by force or several people breach the front entrance who don’t belong there that someone would be alerted who would then press a button like they do at banks when they are being robbed which would send an alarm to activate a huge police or military presence. Not only is that not apparently the case but the out of control mob easily overpowered the police that were there and spent hours inside and outside the building delivering pure chaos and easily walking away with whatever they wanted to take out of the building when not taking selfies throughout the building. Most frightening was the fact that both houses of Congress were under the same roof at the same time meaning a more organized group could’ve done more damage than 9/11 did. I say the moment lent itself to being a perfect use for water cannons. Going back to Home Alone maybe Kevin needs to be put in charge of security at the Capitol Building because at this point a blow torch over a door, nails and tar on a step, paint cans on ropes and Christmas ornaments and marbles below windows look a lot better than the security the building had prior to Jan 6th. And to all the mob participants, “keep the change ya filthy animals!”

Gunga, galunga

Exactly one year ago at this time we had no idea of what was heading our way in a few weeks.  Of all the shit sandwiches we’ve had to eat in our lifetime 2020 takes up a whole page on the menu of caca sandwiches.  Unless you are Jeff Bezos this will go down as […]

Dear Santa, I would like to see the following under my tree on Jesus’ birthday. A bag of McRib sandwiches An Elon Musk flamethrower A bottle of Elon Musk’s tequila Teslaquila Scratch off tickets mostly from North and South Carolina and Australia because they seem to be the places that have the most winners Entenmann’s […]

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Garry Meier was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in November, 2013. Meier has won five A.I.R. Awards for Best Afternoon Show in Chicago and was awarded the National Radio and Records Award for Best Local Afternoon Talk Show Host in America. His segments have appeared on local and national television including World News Tonight. Garry has also been recognized multiple years by Talkers Magazine as one of the "100 Most Influential Talk Show Hosts in America".

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