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What happens to dogs that serve in the military in explosive detection and dogs that police use for drug detection? I thought, as you may have, that once they retired the government and police forces have money and a long term plan set aside to care for these animals that make our lives and our military much safer. I hope you had a chance to listen to episode #199 of my show when I talked to Jason Johnson founder of The retirement of the aforementioned dogs is not exactly handled the way I and maybe you thought. Jason talks about his efforts to help these dogs enjoy their remaining years with the care they need and should be entitled to. Quick story; my friend Roberto acquired a dog that worked for the TSA/Homeland Security. One day I was visiting my mother and Roberto brought his dog Bart over to my mother’s house. As soon as Bart jumped out of the car he started sniffing around the wheel wells of my car and when we brought him into the house he immediately started sniffing around the couch and then ran through all the bedrooms and sniffed under all the beds before he returned to Roberto’s side. While no longer working at the airport Bart was still reporting for duty and I’m happy to report my car and my mother’s house are drug and explosive free. Good news, Bart has now been brought in as a member of and his food and medical will be covered for life. This is the great work Jason does when not working at his real job. Thank God for people like him. I also want to remind you that there is a phone number now where you can call the Garrforce international headquarters and leave a message and I’ll play as many as seem feasible on the show. Leave your thoughts, comments, questions, etc. at 773.888.2157. It’s just another way to keep in touch.

Garry Meier

The blog was on a bit of a summer break, but it’s tanned, rested and ready once again. I pledged a fraternity when I was in pharmacy school.   I know some if not a lot of you are thinking “I think he made that sentence up.”  No, it’s true, but pharmacy school along with the […]

Aviation. The word itself has heft, like a Boeing 777 floating through the air three miles away from touching down at any major airport. We are 114 years removed from the Wright brother’s flight experiments at Kitty Hawk. We went from Orville and Wilbur’s endeavors to the moon in 66 years. So why is it […]

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Garry Meier was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in November, 2013. Meier has won five A.I.R. Awards for Best Afternoon Show in Chicago and was awarded the National Radio and Records Award for Best Local Afternoon Talk Show Host in America. His segments have appeared on local and national television including World News Tonight. Garry has also been recognized multiple years by Talkers Magazine as one of the "100 Most Influential Talk Show Hosts in America".

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