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It seems like guns are being pulled a lot more during situations that do not remotely require a gun. I’m not going to list what I think are “appropriate” situations to brandish a gun because I don’t have one to brandish so it doesn’t matter. “Brandish, you’re a fine gun, what a fine gun you would be…..” sung to the tune of BRANDY. Anywho, I’ve got two examples to share with you. A guy in Arkansas went to a pizzeria called Pie Five. He became upset when he thought his pizza did not have enough toppings on it. When he got unruly he was asked to leave. So he did the logical thing, he went to his van and got a gun and shot the glass out of the front door. And then there’s this incident in Michigan where a woman was walking out of a Chipotle and bumped into another woman who said “excuse you.” Then the exchange moved to the parking lot and yada, yada, yada the first woman goes to her SUV and pulls a gun on the second woman. The first woman yells “get the f..k back!” Good news, no shots were fired in this case. When the 2nd Amendment was written in 1791 I don’t think they could’ve ever imagined pizzerias and Chipotles. Guys in big buckled shoes and powdered wigs thinking “what if in 229 years someone goes to pick up their pizza and there is not enough pepperoni, should they pull a gun on the person behind the counter?” No, these were dudes who went to the bathroom in a hole in the backyard by candlelight. The guns they were familiar with fired one brass ball at a time and took several minutes to load. If you’re pulling a gun because someone cuts you off on the highway or your quarter pounder doesn’t have enough pickles, maybe you shouldn’t own a gun. Or as our forefathers said, “what’s a quarter pounder? what’s a highway?” Now why don’t you guys take your quill and sign some parchment to free all the slaves you own.

Gunga, galunga,

JAWS was Hollywood’s first movie to be labeled a “blockbuster” back in 1975. For years after the book and film came out people were afraid to go in the ocean for fear of losing life or limb. The summer of 2020 is our JAWS. Remember the scene where it’s the 4th of July on Amity […]

Hey Garrforce this Friday will mark the debut of my show going live on Facebook and YouTube. It will hit the net at 2p eastern 1p central and you will be able to participate as the show is airing. You can go to my Facebook page and join in. Oh and bring a cocktail, I […]

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