Casual civility

March 7th, 2017

When do you think civility started to drift in this country? Was it when men stopped wearing suits and straw hats to baseball games? Was it when people started bringing Starbucks to church while wearing flip-flops? Was it when people let their phones ring in church, a movie theatre, a play, or during someone’s speech? Was it when “casual Fridays” bled into the rest of the week? How about when flight attendants stopped wearing really nice uniforms on domestic runs? People going 95 mph in the left lane on expressways? People invading your space when you’re standing in line (anything within 12 inches is creepy). Was it when people started taking selfies with dead relatives in a casket? While most of these things seem rather benign, they all create an atmosphere when bundled together like a snowball gathering heft when going downhill. And what about these reality shows? On most of them the overriding theme is “F-you we don’t need no stinkin’ rules”. I mean c’mon, take The Bachelor for example, this guy is going to run his appendages over 25 women on national television because he’s “looking for love?” Puhleeze. My favorite part of this creep-fest is when he meets the families of the final four women and looks their parents in the eye and says how much he cherishes their daughter and ma-and-pa sit there and listen to this bullsh.t! “Hey, you know your daughter just spent over a month in and out of a hot-tub, and this jamoke’s make believe bedroom, in an effort NOT to have Chris Harrison wheel her Samsonite out to the waiting limo to ship her out of town, with cameras rolling to catch every walk of shame tear.” My God, have the common decency to parade through Tinder. And so it goes, rudeness is the new man-bun and when you hear that someone acted like an animal, well, that’s an insult to animals.


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