Different Optics

August 5th, 2017

What if this whole thing is a big joke and by whole thing I mean you, me, this planet and the entire freakin’ universe.  Really, maybe it’s time to, and right here I’m going to use some currently jiggy catchphrases, look at everything with “different optics” and realize we are all living a “big nothing burger.”  At this point I’m going with this whole existence might be some ginormous prank or reality show perpetrated by…well…whatever.   It all depends on what you believe in, God, The Supreme Being, The Almighty, The Most Mighty, The Rock of My Strength, The Holy One, The Faithful Creator, The Chief Apostle, The High Priest, etc.  I’ve decided a lot of stuff makes absolutely no sense and the more we look for logic the more it squirts away. Time to approach this from a different angle.  Let’s go with the joke angle. We have no idea what we’re here for, we’re born, we die and in between all kinds of weirdness; disease, famine, drought, Kim Jong-un.  The capper is we’re floating around on this ball and when the resources are used up or destroyed…game over.   I like how we keep looking for life on other planets, it’s all part of the The Creator’s playbook.  “I’ll throw them out there with a bunch of other planets and sit back and watch the fun.  Go ahead keep looking, there’s nothing else going on, ha, ha, ha.  I’ll have different color people, many languages and religions and many of them will never co-exist, tee-hee. I especially like when they pray for people who have gone through natural disasters.  Who do they think created the natural disasters? Oh God, I mean oh Me, this is so much fun to watch.”   See, I think we’re better off looking at this existence as some big joke and stop looking for some deeper meaning.  I mean what kind of Dream-Maker would hide Amelia Earhart from us for 80 years, create Charles Manson, or allow The Bachelor to exist on television?  A Supreme Jokester that’s who!  Let’s stop beating ourselves up when life doesn’t make any sense, time to sit back and enjoy being part of the Ultimate Gong Show.  Put that in your talking stick and blow on it Stephen Hawking.  Don’t forget you can now call me at 773-888-2157 and leave a question, comment, thought or text.

Gunga Galunga,


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