Medical Care for Criminals

April 5th, 2017

Tell me if you think this, here’s the set-up; A ditchrat shoots a bunch of people, said mope, then gets shot by the police. Okay, you know this mamaluke is going to be rushed to the hospital and receive the same care that the people he shot get and you pretty much know this screwball doesn’t have health insurance. So the whole process is to patch this goofball up so he can go to trial and then to prison and we, the taxpayers, pay the freight from the ambulance ride through prison. What I’m getting at is can we implement a different procedure for jokers like this? What if the person who creates such carnage gets, you know, the ambulance ride that takes the long way to the hospital. When he gets to the hospital he’s worked on by maybe someone still in med school so if he/she screws up, eh. Police could have a special code like say triple zero when they want the ambo that knows all the long routes to the hospital. Remember that dope that set up those pressure cooker bombs in NYC last year and a few days later cops shot him? I remember that idiot on a gurney being rushed to the hospital and I thought some doctor who busted his hump getting through med school is going to have to repair this goofball’s sorry ass. And I believe he was shot in the ass. That would be a code 000- take your time paramedics and hit a few potholes along the way. Another example was when Charles Manson started having stomach pains a few months ago and they rushed him to a hospital outside the prison. What goes through a doctor’s mind when he has Manson under his care, “gee, I hope I can provide the best care I can so Charlie can get back to full strength and enjoy the rest of his pathetic life.” These a-holes have chosen their lives of destruction so if suddenly because of their choices can’t we have a 3rd or 4th tier of medical care should they need it? Code 000. Oh and they have to wait in the emergency room and are attended to after the law abiding citizens. I want to see that added to any new healthcare plan.



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